Laser Treatments in Rochester, NY

At Head to Toe Laser Spa we offer the latest technology in laser equiptment. This ensures our clients achieve the best results in a comfortable procedure. Some of the laser treatments we offer are: 

Our CynosureTM Elite laser is FDA approved for permanent hair removal. All Skin types and all body parts are applicable. 

Before and after our laser hair removal treatment.

LaserFACIAL is a comfortable, non-ablative procedure that can reduce visible facial vessels, diffuse redness, acne scars, rosacea, sun damage, and large pores. It has been FDA cleared to reduce wrinkles by gently warming the upper dermis, improving the appearance of your skin. The result is a healthy looking vibrant appearance. Anne Marie O'Connor is NYS Certified to preform the specialized service. 

Before & after our laser facial treatment.

Telangiectasia or Spider veins are small blood vessels close to the skin’s surface. They're common in problem for women, with displeasing clusters of red, blue, or purple veins usually appearing on the thighs, calves, and ankles. Head to Toe offers treatment options to get rid of your varicose veins contact us today to see which is right for you. 

Before and after our laser vein & telangiectasias treatment. 

Pigmented lesions are skin flaws that you may have been born with or acquired later in life.  These are; freckles, age spots, sunspots and other discolored areas. Treatment areas are normally found on the face, shoulders and other sun-exposed parts of the body. Pigmented lesions include everything from bluish/purplish, black or otherwise discolored spots to freckles and sun-damaged skin areas. If you have any such benign conditions, chances are you’re a candidate for treatment.

Before and after our pigmented lesions treatments. 

Your smile is your best accessory.  Absolute teeth whitening is the fastest way to erase coffee, tea, and food stains to uncover your beautiful white teeth. The best part is it's safe, fast and inexpensive. Schedule your appointment to get whiter teeth today. 

Before and after our  laser teeth whitening.